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Bat droppings

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Bat surveyor

Bat Surveys

We have an experienced team of bat surveyors, using the latest technology in detecting and recording equipment, to deliver surveys for development projects.

Typically, a bat survey will be requested as part of supporting documentation to a local authority planning application, for projects such as changes to roofs, installation or replacement of skylights and dormers, extensions and demolitions.

The objective of a bat survey is to establish the presence or likely absence of bat roosts within buildings, bridges and other structures, and/or to identify the activity of bats across a site. Where presence of a roost is established, we will gather the required data on roost type, access points, species and numbers of bats etc.

This information is used to develop the ecological mitigation and enhancement methodology: ultimately to produce a Species Protection Plan for licensing purposes where required. 

We hold a Bat Low Impact licence in addition to survey licences, authorising our ecologist to directly licence works relating to non-breeding pipistrelle roosts, the most common roost type encountered during building and bridge surveys in NE Scotland. 

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